Commited as a lead developer for the payment services team, I’m was part of a team of 4 developers (2front, 2 backend), 1 designer and 1 product manager. My journey, consisted in helping my teammates moving forward on our payments services solution (employees expense claims reimbursements, supplier invoices, card transactions), playing for the team, taking ownership on projects and removing impediments. I developed on my own a new micro-service based on Dwolla environment (handling bank wire transfer between parties) and help the team integrate this provider in the spendesk app. While tackling multiple productions issues, I was in charge of getting my team work smoother (scrum rituals, virtual team building, technical workshop,  personal improvement session) so that we reached each of our sprint goals. Multiple successful projects were released to production (ship small & fast) thanks to my team commitment.

#scrum #kubernetes #github-actions #nodejs #postgresql #reactjs #banking #ddd #docker #es6 #swagger #micro-services