In order to acquire knowledges on banking subjects and build from scratch a new online banking platform, I joined back the banking team. As a senior developer with experience in architecture design, I was in charge of designing and building from the ground the platform that will become a core banking sas. We set up a fast scalable and reliable micro-services platform in a domain driven design architecture pattern. We developed with the CQRS pattern + event sourcing within our services following the best practises.  I had to translate large business rules in the banking system into user stories and then technical detailed implementation tasks. As a senior member, my team trusted me on auditing, realising spikes on tools that would help our Dev experiences and  setting them up in our platform (like Auth0, roles management, kafka, event storage or design pattern for event replays)

#scrum #ddd #k8s #kafka #graphql #nodejs #postgresql #reactjs #banking