Mobile app development for community network for associations. Development of secure REST API endpoints with NodeJS and Express, a webAdmin interface (bootstrap, jQuery and AngularsJs), a web application PWA ( and a webportal ( . Establishment of Big Data using Couchbase and ElasticSearch. Setting up the Continuous Integration processes with unit tests, auto deployment, docker, code quality indicators, wikis, fail-over tools.

Working on this private project on GitHub using best practises et version management.

Administration and monitoring of the production platform on AWS. I developed different scripts for deployment automation and platform supervision.

#Node.js #Express #Couchbase #Amazon web services #Elasticsearch #Continuous integration #Bootstrap3 #Docker #AngularJS #Bash

Long term contract : Realisation of enterprise webportal [HTML/CSS3/JQUERY/POSTGRESQL/AS400]. In charge of BI application development [QlikView]. Responsible for activity monitoring [Redmine]. Developer of RIA.


Integrated within the web development team, I joined ISTA to improve the strength development of the web portal (internet rich application used by the managers of housing or condominium) as well as application settings for the portal used internally. These programs exploiting recent technology such WEB CSS3, JQUERY, HTML5, I conceive, develop and maintain these applications as part of the continuous improvement of our IT projects. I brought my experience in project management using Agile SCRUM and Redmine tool.


#qlikview #java #j2ee #struts #jquery  #postgresql #as400 #css3 #html

3 years term contract : Engineer in study and development.

My goal was to design and develop a Professional web application using technologies based on RIA [J2EE/Flex / Hibernate] and secure/authenticated services  [SSO / LDAP]  ,  to afford to make deep defense on all application layers through auditable processes and rights business operations and user interface features. The user interface is shapeable through the business services that provide a list module authorized for a user + profile + group. In addition, I contributed to SCRUM project management tasks. [Hudson / Ivy + ant / svn / ehcache / Junit]. I was able to make the weekly monitoring of developers’ tasks (daily meeting) work for the realization of graphs and statistiquess providing advanced project indicators (burndown chart, KPI, etc). I completed the project management data recovery with innovative technologies being force proposal [GWT / Talend].



6 months internship study : Development of a rich internet application [HTML / Flex / BlazeDS] and a secured, web services [SOAP / Axis 2] study of an ETL tool [Talend].


In the first phase of study, I was asked to take the Talend tool in hand and to understand the application and development methodology that I have needed to put in place structure: the interface with the web server, perform simple or multi-level jobs existing components and components specifically developed and the choice of orchestration.

I also had to study the integration of Talend solution with tools developed in the context of industrialization developments: version control, unit testing, continuous integration, etc..
In a second phase of design / production, I was in charge of a mini-project, which included a written Flex GUI, written in Java web services according to the principles adopted during the study phase of server part. Particular attention was given to the implementation of abstract services that allow, if necessary, replace any service coded in java encoded by the same service in another technology without having to review the calling code, the GUI code in particular.


4 months internship study : Design and implementation of a software package to study the « Best Execution » [C # WPF / SYBASE / SQL SERVER / ASP.NET / BLOOMBERG]

Design and implementation of a study of « Best Execution » package
In detail, the « Best Execution » must be able to allow recovery of the daily values ​​needed for calculations of performance indicators and store. The application will calculate all the indicators in finding an alternative to calculation errors. Finally, a graphical interface will return the consultation of the data set. The consultation will be via a software man-machine interface.