Integrated in the IV2 marketplace team (nearly 30 engineers), I worked inside the development team as a senior backend/frontend developer and DevOps expert. My Scrum team which was compound of  one product owner, one scrum master, an agile coach and five developers was committed to the scrum framework guidelines (Sprint planning, daily meeting, sprint review & retrospective). We also used Kanban to reduce as much as possible the bugs stock. My developer job was divided into two main parts. Firstly, I worked, on a daily basis, on the sprint backlog items implementing functionalities on the product backend (es6nodejs, moving from monolith to microservices, RESTFul APIS, JWT, mongodb, postgresql, docker) and Front (ReactJs, webpack, babel), unit tests (mocha, jest, commitizen, eshint). Secondly, I was responsible for the DevOps methods for our team and had to set up/enhance the automated build/deploy processes (CI/CD on Jenkins with groovy scripts, gitlab, ansible, docker , rancher and kubernetes) and management the platform tools (upgrade, experiments).

#scrum #devops #nodejs #postgresql #mongo #reactjs #kubernetes #rancher #ansible #docker #es6 #kanban